Wall Oven Microwave Combo Reviews: Why the Combos Are Better than A Separate Oven and Microwave

People can choose to buy a separate oven and microwave if they have a spacious kitchen and a comfortable budget to spend. However, not everyone has both. If you don’t, either, there is no need to worry. Many wall oven microwave combo reviews will convince you that you can afford both oven and microwave by buying a wall oven microwave combo. Why?

Check these four reasons below which answer that question!

Save the Space in Your Kitchen

Wall oven microwave combo consists of an oven and a microwave in one appliance. Using such combo will save the space in your kitchen. The combos nowadays are sleek in design, so they easily match the modern kitchens mostly found in city homes. With the combos attached to your kitchen wall, you don’t need to allocate any space for a bulky oven and microwave in the kitchen.

In term of cooking, a combo cooks particularly fast in its microwave. The appliance is a perfect choice to make quick breakfast and warm a tinned meal for your lunch. As for preparing through baking and roasting, the oven part of the combo works very well.

Wall Oven Microwave Combo Reviews: “The Combo Costs You Less.”

With two functions in one appliance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that wall oven microwave combo is very expensive. In fact, buying a combo can be cheaper than purchasing a separate oven (or double ovens) and a microwave with the same quality as the combo.

With many affordable microwaves and ovens available out there, you’re likely skeptical about the combo costs less. However, many wall oven microwave combo reviews prove it’s true that the combos are sometimes cheaper than a separate oven and microwave in the same quality level.

Moreover, installation and maintenance of a single appliance are generally cheaper than those of two.

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These additional features deserve your money

What’s more interesting about wall oven microwave combos is that they also offer other features which deserve your money, those are:

  • Panel lock—helps you to control who can operate the combos’ control panel. This feature is useful for a family with children.
  • A self-cleaning cycle—makes cleaning faster and easier.
  • Electronic control—enables control to accurate cooking temperature.

Aside from those features, the combo’ doors should be removable to make it easier for you to clean it. Either way, the cleaning becomes too much of a task.

The Combo Is Available in Different Sizes

The only major setback in buying wall oven microwave combo is that you’ll find it difficult to bake, roast, and heat multiple items at times, the one you can easily do with double ovens and a microwave.

However, if you aren’t professional who must multitask, the bigger wall oven microwave combo is enough for you. If you need bigger capacity, you should consider buying a 30-inch wall combo instead of a 24-inch one.

That’s the reason the combos are a better choice than a separate oven and microwave. Read more about wall oven microwave combo reviews to know what others love about the combos. Don’t wait to get yours here!

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How to Maintain Double Wall Oven with Microwave at Home

Microwave oven needs regular maintenance to stay in good shape, especially a double wall oven with microwave. If you often cook big meals, you must use this kitchen appliance often. Since it can be quite expensive, you should maintain the double wall oven regularly to keep it in the best condition. Here is how you can keep your double wall oven on a daily basis.

Clean Regularly




Spots, stains, and splatters from foods can affect the oven’s performance. These spots can also cause burn spots and eventual damage to the heating system. Using warm water and mild soap is an easy way to clean your oven. You can also choose a more specific product, such as special oven cleaner, to keep your double oven clean.

If you find stubborn spots in the microwave, you can try heating water in the microwave-safe cup for 60 seconds (add a microwave-safe spoon inside the cup). The steam will help with the cleaning process. Another way is to cover the foods if you heat them whenever possible.

Open and Close the Door Properly




Some people often abuse their ovens and microwaves by closing the doors with an elbow, slamming the doors closed, or not properly closing them. There are also people who often open the oven/microwave door when the appliance is running. These acts can lead to damaged hinge, and in the case of opening the door when the device is operating, it can lead to blown a fuse. Always open and close the door properly, no matter how busy you are.

Use the Installed Preprogrammed Time Feature




Many modern ovens and microwaves now have a feature that automatically determines cooking time for specific foods. Just click one button, and you can cook popular recipes such as roasted chicken, lasagna, pork chops or vegetables. Some people hesitate to use it, but this feature actually can help saving energy and increasing efficiency in cooking.



Follow the rules about Weight Limit




Different ovens have weight limit; that is, a certain weight that you cannot cross when you put an unusually large or heavy food to cook (especially if the food is frozen). Most foods, even a large bulge of turkey dish, usually do not exceed weight limits established by modern manufacturers. However, you still need to know the actual weight limit of your unit. Putting too-heavy food inside can burden the turntable and affect heat transfer.

Don’t Turn on an Empty Oven




Empty oven or microwave is dangerous when turned on because the components will absorb the heat. This will cause damage after a long run. Some people do this often only because they need a timer when cooking. Invest in your own timer or use a separate timer that is not the part of the oven’s cooking process (if your unit has this function).

Use Safe Dishes




When cooking with a microwave oven, always make sure that the dish you use is safe for the appliance. Generally, forbidden materials include things like metal, aluminum, and everything with gold or silver accents. Always look for that “microwave safe” or “oven safe” label.

Having a double wall oven with microwave is a great investment, especially if you know how to maintain it. Visit this link to order one for your kitchen, and make sure to maintain it very well!


Reviews on24 Oven Microwave Combo: Get the Best Product and Buy Now!

24 oven microwave combo features Microwave Drawer Oven of Sharp SMD2470AS and Sharp KB-6524PS.The two oven microwaves are the latest version of sharp products. One of them is regarded as the best seller so that you are urged to purchase them since they offer the best quality for your kitchen appliance collection. Those demanded products are indeed stylish and modern to make your kitchen cooler and more elegant. They will always satisfy the users and make everything so easy and practical.

Based on the customers’ review, the Microwave Drawer Oven of Sharp SMD2470AS has pleased the users. With 1000 Watts and 120 volts, the oven has an efficient heating system. Your meal preparation looks perfect with the product. You don’t need to wait for a long time. It really works so quickly so that you will get the best breakfast and dinner. Besides, your meal is in a right cooking process (neither overcooked nor undercooked). It’s equipped with digital LCD display and interior oven light.

tpodmw301 series oven microwave combo wall oven stainless steel at
tpodmw301 series oven microwave combo wall oven stainless steel at

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The helpful microwave oven has an average size which is about 1.2 cu. ft. It allows you to cook several dishes such as sausage, potato-based dishes, medium pizza, and other daily variations. It can fit in with your medium bowl, small pan, and cup. You can cook some casseroles and baked cupcakes which are your favorite. With front-mounted touch controls, you can easily operate the stylish stainless steel microwave oven with your fingertip. It always matches with all dishes you always crave.

The Microwave Drawer Oven of Sharp KB-6524PS offers fantastic features you need to take any notice. Speaking of the heating system, it has 1000 Watts capacity that enables you to cook a different meal in a quick way.  Preparing some delicious meals when your relatives are about to stay at your house seems easier. The newest sharp product will definitely assist your daily kitchen routine with all of its advantages. In another word, there is nothing to worry.

The microwave drawer oven can automatically open. You just need to pull or push it with your towel-bar handle or simply press the button. Other main features are the auto-touch control panel, the timer and kitchen clock, and the digital LCD display. The timer enables you to set the cooking time while the digital LCD display creates very recent and chic look, suitable for modern mother. It also has a cooking sensor, auto defrost for your frozen beef and poultry, and shortcut options.

All in all, the 24 oven microwave combo highlights two sharp products; the Microwave Drawer Oven of Sharp SMD2470AS and Sharp KB-6524PS., with their fabulous stainless steel design. You should apply those products in your eye-catching kitchen and take all advantages of the products. You can prepare all of your favorite dishes in several minutes. From now on, get the latest information about the most recent and best-seller products by visiting this page. Use one click then your life becomes perfect and nicer.


Reviews on Wall Ovens with Microwave: Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get the Latest One!

Wall oven with microwave features Frigidaire FGMC2765PF – Gallery 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Combination Wall Oven-Convection. The product is extremely beneficial when it comes to preparing your daily meals in a quick way. The heating system used is durable, efficient, and adapting the latest version. It will never disappoint the users since you are able to take a lot of advantages of the oven microwave regardless the season and the weather outside.

Microwave Combo Wall Oven
Microwave Combo Wall Oven

The Frigidaire product has an interesting fact. You can both remove and replace the microwave as you want. It’s really flexible no matter how big your kitchen is. Space no longer matters. The product dimensions are 27 x 30 x 45 inches. Meanwhile, the oven has big-sized space with its 3.8 cu. ft. capacity and the microwave’s space is 2.0 cu. ft. It is spacious enough to reheat and cook several big portion foods for the big family.

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Your Christmas and Thanks’ giving celebration with your big family will be absolutely perfect. You can bake chicken, turkey, beef and any meat you like for the event’s preparation. The other dishes such as pizza in wide size topped with some variations (bacon, cheese, and sausage), a bag of popcorn, roasted nuts, cupcakes, muffin and any baked delicacies must fit in with the incredible wall ovens with microwave.  Your specialties just require shorter time.  

The quick preheat feature allows you to reheat your leftovers and beverages. Don’t get worried if your morning coffee can’t be served during your busy morning routine. The multi-purpose oven and microwave is the right solution since it reheats the drink quickly. You will be amazed of its “keep warm setting”. It lets your tasty foods remain warm and nice. It also has a steam clean.

Another product feature you should add to your kitchenware collection is Frigidaire 27″ 3Piece. It has 3 individual pieces which are wall oven, microwave, and microwave trim kit. There are several useful easily select options. Just use your fingertip by touching the button. The Quick Clean enables your oven to clean itself automatically. The Oven rack handles ease you when pulling out the racks, and are modified with space.

The product looks so stylish due to its color-coordinated oven door equipped with its extra-large window. You can quickly check your food inside during the cooking process without opening its door. Meanwhile, the Delay Clean allows you to schedule you cleaning time. For the safety reason, the Auto Shut-Off has an important function to turn off automatically after 12 hours.  

The Effortless Defrost will let your frozen foods, and almost anything gets defrosted thoroughly and quickly. Other highlights are the Effortless Reheat to reheat your leftovers, the Multi-Stage Cooking option to program the levels of power, and the Electronic Timer is so helpful to track the cooking time and many others. Click this link to check out the latest wall ovens with microwave and other kitchenware products. With a simple click then everything will run perfectly.


Great Ideas for Wall Oven Microwave Combo 30 Inch Installation

Are you planning to install a 30-inch microwave oven in your kitchen? If you feel limited by wall oven microwave combo 30 inches, you can try creative ideas to spruce up your kitchen. Get creative in design, installation method, and the style of the appliance. Here are ideas to try if you plan to buy 30-inch wall microwave and oven combo.

Place Appliances in a Cluster

Thermador Appliance Repair
Thermador Appliance Repair

Cluster positioning is a great idea to maximize space in a small kitchen. You can install an oven microwave combo in the same group with other appliances such as stove, toaster, or even an extra oven (if you need to cook large meals often). This positioning is also excellent in making your kitchen look modern and organized. Just make sure that the appliances have similar designs.

Add Vegetable Steamer on the Top

If your microwave oven is positioned in your lower cabinetry, and you have another cabinetry set above it, try installing appliance for a simpler purpose, such as vegetable steamer. This is a good way to use space, especially if you often cook steamed vegetables like broccoli, carrots, spinach, or potatoes. Stainless steel vegetable steamer will add a delicate vintage touch in your kitchen.

Create Custom-built Microwave Oven Space

Double Oven + Stove with Built-in Microwave above (Best option for space saving
Double Oven + Stove with Built-in Microwave above (Best option for space saving

If you want more personalized touch in the kitchen and are willing to spend extra money, try building a customized space around your microwave oven combo. This customized structure will add unique touch into your kitchen design, and you can match the design with the kitchen’s main design elements. While this makes you spend a lot of money, you also get more freedom in creating the look you want for the kitchen.

Blend Stainless Oven with Wooden Surrounding

An attractive contemporary look in kitchen design is combining contrasting materials, such as stainless steel and wooden panels. They may look different but also match each other harmoniously. Install your wall microwave oven inside wooden cabinetry, or surrounded by wooden panels, and create a contemporary look with your oven.



Close Proximity to Cooking Station

The Bosch Speed Microwave Combination Oven Features a Wall Oven with a SmoothClose Door
The Bosch Speed Microwave Combination Oven Features a Wall Oven with a SmoothClose Door

Create a sense of control by installing wall microwave oven close to your cooking station, preferably on the side of your dominant hand. This way, you can have all the essential appliances within your cooking zone: the microwave, oven, and stove. If all your appliances have similar designs, they will look good together as a cluster. This is an ideal placement for people who often cook large meals or entertain guests.

Streamlined Model for Installation

Smooth style for installation will make your kitchen feel more spacious. If your wall microwave oven is in streamlined positions, you can make the most of your kitchen space, especially if you have a cooking island or dining table inside the kitchen. Depending on the design, a streamlined style will also complement nicely with your kitchen design.

Having various ideas for installing wall microwave oven will help you getting the best kitchen. It will also help if you want to buy a large microwave oven, such as 30-inch wall oven. Make sure you also buy the right microwave oven that has great features and complement your kitchen nicely. Visit this link to buy the best wall oven microwave combo 30 inches, and get creative in designing your kitchen.