How to Cook Perfect Recipes with Costco Microwave Ovens

Guilt Free Roasted Fruit w

Looking for a perfect recipe with your microwave oven? You do not need a fancy product to enjoy good meals. Costco microwave ovens come with reasonable prices and essential features, and anyone can cook healthy meals using the right methods. The key to cooking with a microwave oven is to know the right tips to achieve the best results with different methods. Here are several cooking methods and the best tips you can try with a microwave oven.


baking cookies
baking cookies


When you are baking cookies or cake, you want all the steam from inside the dough to be released immediately. If everything goes well, this process will make your cake soft and your cookies or pie crisped. There is a special tip you can use to bake cookies or small pies: use several trays at once when baking with an oven. This will cause better heat transfer because all the trays deliver heat throughout their surfaces.

The overall process will bring better result if you use an inverter microwave oven, since this product delivers more consistent and thorough heat than regular ovens.

Roasting (Fruits)

Guilt Free Roasted Fruit w
Guilt Free Roasted Fruit w

When you roast fruits, your goal is to get nice caramelized surface and soft, chewy center. Putting the fruits on top of a rimless container or tray will help to disperse heat more thoroughly. Using inverter microwave oven will also create a better result, because the low but consistent heat wave will roast the fruits slowly, resulting in great flavor and texture.

Roasting (Meat and Vegetables)

Meat and Vegetables
Meat and Vegetables

When you roast meat, your goal is to make fat in the meat renders quickly. This process will be better if you can work on the consistent heat that renders fat quickly without overcooking the meat. Meanwhile, when roasting vegetables, your goal is to make the veggies go brown and crisp without being overcooked. You should position the food right in the center of the turntable, use a low container or rimless tray, and use an inverter oven if possible.


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Drying (Fruits and Herbs)

Drying Fruits
Drying Fruits

Sometimes you want to dry fruits or herbs to prolong their storage period. Putting them in the middle of tray or turntables and set low but consistent heat will help the foods to dry slowly and evenly. The result will even be better if you slice or cut them thinly. The result is evenly dried fruits and herbs, although you can also try this method on beef, especially if you make beef jerky at home.

Toasting (Grains and Nuts)

Toasted Caffeine Coffee Beans Coffee Grain Aroma
Toasted Caffeine Coffee Beans Coffee Grain Aroma

The goal of toasting grains or nuts is to get that crispy, golden brown surface. To do it perfectly, make sure to use a low container or rimless tray to create better space for airflow and heat transfer. The ideal temperature for toasting nuts should be around 350 Fahrenheit degree. However, if you want to check the result, look inside the microwave oven after about 3 to 5 minutes.

Aside from cooking tips, using an inverter microwave oven is an excellent way to get satisfactory cooking results. Costco microwave ovens offer various types of microwave ovens, including the ones with inverter technology, and all with competitive price ranges. Invest in the microwave oven with great value by buying from this link.


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