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The purpose of this article to assist you in deciding whether you should get one of your future microwaves from Haier specifically Haier HMC920BEWW or not. Before proceeding to the review, let’s have a small peek to what HMC920BEWW can offer.

Haier has introduced another advanced microwave named HMC920BEWW with several great features in it. A microwave that is inexpensive yet possesses high quality and class. It has several key features such as auto & time defrost that automatically defrosts food based on time or weight set, one-touch convenience cooking that has six pre-programmed cycles that eliminate guesswork and save time.

It has gas child safety lock that unsupervised use and the last is multi-stage cooking that can cook at multiple time and temperatures settings in just a single cycle. HMC920BEWW’s appearance is all white from the cabinet color, control panel color, door color, and the color as a whole.

As for weight and dimensions, HMC920BEWW has carton width of 21.5 in, carton depth of 16.1 in, carton height of 13.3 in, carton weight of 33.1 lb, unit dimensions of 11.05 in H x 19.02 in W x 14.17 in D, unit width of 19.02 in, unit depth of 14.17 in, unit height of 11.06 in, and unit weight of 30.0 lb.

Haier HMC920BEWW Microwave Review

Haier Hmc920Beww .9 Cubic Feet 900-Watt Microwave, White: Countertop Microwave Ovens: Kitchen & Dining

Haier Hmc920Beww .9 Cubic Feet 900-Watt Microwave, White: Countertop Microwave Ovens: Kitchen & Dining


The Haier HMC920BEWW is a basic but powerful microwave, sold in the market with the less high price but still able to maintain its quality and great features. Thanks to those great features and a decent number of preset buttons that make it a must-have addition to your beloved kitchen.

It uses 900 watts of electrical power means that it can cook foods quickly and efficiently compared to those microwaves with lower than 900 watts. It offers you 11 power levels so you can adjust it to fit several varieties of foods. You can find preset cooking buttons specifically designed for pizza, potatoes, popcorn, beverages, and frozen dinners, as well as to reheat your food with reheat button.

This is quite decent and beneficial microwave even though much more advanced microwave has applied presets for fresh and frozen vegetables, even frozen entrees as well.  

With this Haier HMC920BEWW microwave, you won’t be getting as many preset buttons compared to those much more advanced microwaves nor be getting a 30-second extra time button. However, it offers you a good balance of capacity, power, speed, and cooking options – just a good choice if you do not want to allocate much of your budget for a microwave but still aim to seek one with great features.

First unfortunate finding that this microwave does not come with a 30-second key that would give you extra cooking time without disturbing the cooking process. However, it offers a good-sized interior of 9 cubic feet that can easily handle a 10.5-inch dinner plate or around the 7-inch glass. For temperature and food testing, cooked food, in general, should at least reach 165 F internally for them to be safe. But after several testings, the inside was 168 F.

That is all about Hair Microwave Review specifically on HMC920BEWW, for further information about the detail specification of the product, visit on this page.


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