Easy Multitasking with GE Wall Oven Microwave Combo Products

Countertop Microwave w

General Electric has manufactured some of the best multitasking ovens, and GE wall oven microwave combo is not an exception. The recent series have features that enable homeowners to multitask in the kitchen. The new convection oven technology makes foods cooked faster and delivers efficient heat energy. Here are the reasons why you should consider buying wall oven microwave from GE, especially its wall microwave oven collections.

Convection and Heavy-duty Oven Combination

Combination Wall Oven
Combination Wall Oven

GE microwave oven combo offers two types of ovens. One is an upper convection oven, which provides quick cooking function and even, thorough heat energy that reduces undercooking. The other is a heavy-duty lower oven, which is great to cook large dish such as casserole or lasagna in a container. The lower oven in GE microwave oven is known to have self-cleaning feature, which can reduce the amount of maintenance work you must do.

Easy, User-friendly Control Panel

Microwave Oven
Microwave Oven

GE microwave oven has glass control panel that looks sleek and modern. You can control all the functions easily using user-friendly buttons. The interface is straightforward and located on the right level so that you can reach for it easily. Even if you never use microwave oven combo before, you can quickly navigate through the control panel. The design is also very contemporary so that you can put this microwave oven anywhere and you don’t need to start over.


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Multiple Cooking Methods

Double Convection Wall Oven
Double Convection Wall Oven

A good microwave oven combo allows you to cook with different methods. GE microwave oven accommodates various cooking methods such as roasting, baking, broiling, browning, drying, and toasting. There are also two options for baking and roasting: with convection and thermal methods. Use this oven to cook Sunday roast, Christmas dinner, comfort foods, and anything you want for a special meal.

Diverse Control Options

How to Repair a GE Microwave
How to Repair a GE Microwave

GE microwave oven gives more freedom in controlling your cooking methods, thanks to its various control options. The adjustment process becomes easier with different control options that deal with every detail. The microwave oven has options such as self-cleaning, defrosting, delay start, warming mode, high/low-temperature broiling, and meat probing. You can also choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit settings, depending on what measurements you usually use.

Large Capacity

Countertop Microwave w
Countertop Microwave w

GE microwave oven has a quite large capacity, especially the lower oven. The top oven has 1.7 cubic feet of space, while the bottom one has 5 cubic feet. These are convenient sizes to cook medium to large-sized foods, especially if you often cook large meals for family members or guests. Each of the oven space is easy to clean, thanks to self-cleaning option, cleaning service, and regular crackers.

Multiple Microwave Cooking Methods

Nikai 23L Microwave Oven NMO2310DSG
Nikai 23L Microwave Oven NMO2310DSG

A microwave has simpler function than an oven, but it does not mean that your options are limited. Regular features of GE microwave oven include defrosting, warming, reheating, and express cooking. The convection feature will make heat energy released more evenly, resulting in a better cooking result. Practical cooking methods also help people to regulate the amount of energy you need for cooking, which is also beneficial for the oven’s performance.

Having a modern appliance with multiple functions will save a lot of space and time. Getting GE wall oven microwave combo is the best decision to make, despite the price. Make sure to visit this link and choose between various wall oven microwave products.   


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