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A microwave is one of the most useful kitchen utensils aims to save your cooking time and double the taste of your food. A microwave is designated to do tasks like reheating your remaining food or packaged food, defrosting your frozen food, something that is easier to be done compared to conventional stoves.

Sharp Carousel Microwave is one of the microwaves that is going to offer you all the benefit and all the easiness for your beloved kitchen. It is mostly roomy with bigger capacity depending on the size of the microwave you choose. The bigger capacity microwave you want, the more you able to reheat or cook larger portions of food.

It is modernly designed with brushed stainless steel empowered with scratch-resistant glass door just to add more class on your favorite microwave. It is attached to modern technology such as one-touch controls, auto defrosts, Precise Cook Sensor Technology, and the Carousel turntable system, make it just efficient to cook your family’s favorite meals.

Sharp Double Grill Convection Countertop Microwave Stainless
Sharp Double Grill Convection Countertop Microwave Stainless


It is very easy for you to find and identify your Sharp Carousel Microwave Parts if your current microwave is damaged or needs to be replaced. Below is the brief explanation of Sharp Carousel Microwave Parts:

  • Sharp Microwave Coupling

If the turntable coupling from your microwave is somehow unable to function, meaning that it needs to be replaced. There are different types of turntable coupling for Sharp Carousel Microwave depending on which one suits the most with your microwave, and it comes with a various range of price as well.  

  • Sharp Microwave Feet

Microwave feet can also be found a lot if you accidentally damaged one of your microwave feet. All you need to do is to find the replacement of the broken part for it to be stable. Sharp Carousel Microwave feet comes with different material, and some are made from plastic some are made from metal.

  • Sharp Microwave Glass Turntables

Glass turntable is one of the important parts of a microwave as a base for your plate or food inside the microwave. There are different types of glass microwave turntable depending on how large the glass you want for your microwave. Sharp Microwave can work with 270mm – 365mm glass turntable.


  • Sharp Microwave Lamps

If the lamp in your sharp carousel microwave has been damaged and affecting you performing the microwave tasks, it means your microwave lamp needs to be replaced. Microwave lamp has different models and power depending on the brands of microwaves. Model of Sharp for the lamp is the one suitable for your sharp carousel microwave such as Sharp T25 25W Microwave Bulb Assembly.


  • Sharp Microwave Motors

Turntable motor is the microwave part used to turn the glass plate inside your microwave. If it is no longer turning, then you need to replace the motor. Sharp Turntable motor is a genuine spare part for sharp microwave ovens with the specification; AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 2.5/3RPM.


  • Sharp Microwave Roller Rings

If you accidentally damaged the roller ring of your microwave or it is looking a little bit old and worn out, meaning it also needs to be replaced. Bear in mind that when you are planning to replace your old and worn out roller rings with the new one, make sure it is identical.

That is all about the Sharp Carousel Microwave Parts. For further information about the availability, price and where to find them, you can simply visit this link.


Contemporary Microwave from Sharp®, Model: KB-6001NS

The Innovative Sharp Microwave Drawer 24 In.

Remodeling a kitchen often becomes a complex problem for some people. They usually do a remodeling out of bored with the layout, want to do a major cleaning in the kitchen, or they just want to remodel it for a new kitchen appliance that can fit perfectly in there.

However, finding a perfect microwave that can fit in the new layout, whether for the size that could fit in newly available space or the color that could match with the new layout, is as hard as the remodeling itself.

But, you don’t have to worry as you can choose Sharp microwave drawer 24 inches. With its innovative idea of “microwave in the drawer”, Sharp microwave drawer 24 in. can save more space in your kitchen.

Sharp Microwave Drawer 24 In. Features

Sharp - 1.2 Cu. Ft. Built-In Microwave
Sharp – 1.2 Cu. Ft. Built-In Microwave

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Sharp releases a microwave drawer with the dimension of 24 inches!

  • The outer dimension is just the same as the other Sharp 24 inches’ microwave but several of them, like Sharp KB-6524PS and SMD2470AH, come with 1.2 cubic feet interior—bigger than its other predecessor.
  • The interior is taller so that you can put your 20-oz cup inside to reheat your beverages. The finish is stainless steel which makes it easier to clean. The stainless-steel finish also makes it more premium-looking and suits your beautiful kitchen better. Sharp Microwave oven 24 inches can be installed below your counter desk, in kitchen island, or it can be placed next to your wall oven.
  • Having just a Sharp microwave drawer is not enough? You can buy the microwave oven version also with the dimension of 24 inches and 1.2 cu. ft interior. A bigger capacity, the same size outside, and more functions. You are not only can cook, but you can also bake and brown with it.
  • The reasonable price is also a major reason for you to consider in buying this appliance. Where else you can get these great benefits of the two worlds: microwave and oven, in one same unit?  
  • This Sharp Microwave drawer oven 24 in. type is equipped with the Easy Open handle, and for certain products, it is equipped with the Auto-Touch™ control panel. You can open your unit easily with two different ways: pull or push the handle, or you can just use the Auto-Touch™ feature.
  • This microwave oven drawer is made so accessible in many ways. The machine is also quieter than its predecessor with the more integrated and elegant design that make you can place it in a various way.

Sharp provides the market with several different types of microwave drawer 24 in. Do you want the one that looks more elegant? Or you want the one that holds taller interior?

You can choose either one, but the most important thing is that Sharp microwave drawer 24 in. can help you solve your ‘kitchen remodeling’ problems. You can place it under your standard cabinetry, and save more space.

If you want to know more about the specification, you can visit here.


Samsung - 1.6 CuFt Over The Range Microwave

The Elegant yet Powerful Samsung 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave

Talking about mega brands in the home appliance market, we cannot forget Samsung. This brand has launched many products in home appliances and electronics like a washing machine, TV, home theater, and even microwave. There must be reasons for Samsung to withstand in this industry for so long. And the reasons are its quality and integrity.

Those two points are also found in Samsung 1.6 cu. ft. Over-The-Range microwave. The quality of this product is undoubted, and the integrity of Samsung in making the best product is reflected in it.

Competing in microwave market is not an easy thing to maintain. The brand should keep the best quality of its product, and develop the newest technology for the product to be even greater than its competitors. Samsung, however, can maintain these great performances in the industry, proven by the launch of Samsung 1.6 cu. ft. Over-The-Range microwave.

Samsung 1.6 cu. ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Features

: Samsung ME18H704SFS 1.8 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven: Appliances
: Samsung ME18H704SFS 1.8 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven: Appliances

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The technology applied is the newest, and the quality of the material is also the best. The exterior which has three different variants: stainless-steel, white, and black, is so sleek combined with the elegant black glass on the front door to the control panel and display. Thus, it is ready to make your kitchen looks more futuristic and stylish.

Like the name, this product has the capacity of 1.6 cubic feet with the dimension of 16.4″ height, 29.8″ width, and 15.1″ depth. In this size, various snacks, foods, and beverages can be put inside to be heated or cooked. The 1000-watt cooking power is also ready to give you rapid cooking and high-speed of heating your beverages and foods.

Don’t worry about the result because the 11.5” turntable technology will make your food evenly cooked from the outside to the core. For the program system, it has eight power levels of cooking, two stages of programmable cooking, auto defrost system, and auto reheat system.

The products exterior features are membrane touch control material, large LED display, incandescent cooktop lighting system, and Eco-Mode power button on display. These features are installed to make you easier in viewing and controlling your food being cooked and keeping your electricity bills from increasing.

Do you need to do something else while cooking? Don’t worry because this unit also has the kitchen timer setting in it, up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds.

This Samsung 1.6 cu. ft. Over-The-Range Microwave possesses two ventilation fans that have a 300-CFM speed to exhaust the excess smoke of your cooking. It is also equipped with grease/charcoal filter to prevent the grease from causing any blockage in the ventilation system.

By buying this unit, you can get the privileges of both microwave and over-the-range technology, your cooking become much easier, and your kitchen is fresh and clean from the excessive cooking smoke.

So, what are you waiting for? You can have this product by checking it here to see the complete specifications and where to get them. Happy shopping!


Sharp 1.1 Cu. Ft. Over The Range Convection / Microwave

The Powerful Mid-sized Sharp 1.1 cu.ft Microwave


Sharp has been long known as a brand that releasing high-quality kitchen appliances around the world. One of the best kitchen appliances that Sharp has released is the microwaves. Many varieties of the microwaves are distributed in the market, started from the different kinds of installation, colors, capacity, and system.

For installation, there is countertop type, over the counter type, over the range type, and drawer type. For the finish color, there are white, stainless steel, and black as the options. For the system, there are carousel system, convection system, and the combination of them. And for the capacity, there are compact (0.7-0.9 cubic feet), mid-size (1.0-1.2 cubic feet), family-size (1.3-1.8 cubic feet), and full-size (1.9-2.2 cubic feet).

Looking at how wide the capacity range that Sharp provides for the market; the consumer can decide which capacity of microwave they will buy based on their daily needs and the size of their kitchen.

For people who usually cook for 1 or 2 people and having the not-to-big clip, the compact size is enough for them to use. For a small family, the mid-size is convincing enough, remembering the limited space in the kitchen and the needs of the family. Then for a big family, family-size or full-size is a great choice. And now, we will talk about Sharp 1.1 cu. ft. Microwave and why it can suit your kitchen better.  

Mid-sized Sharp 1.1 cu.ft Microwave Features

Best Deals Cuisinart - 1.2 Cu. Ft. Mid-Size Microwave - Stainless-steel
Best Deals Cuisinart – 1.2 Cu. Ft. Mid-Size Microwave – Stainless-steel

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  • According to the size, Sharp 1.1 cu.ft microwave can contain 11.25” carousel turntable in it. A medium tray of pasta can be loaded into the microwave. It also is equipped with the 1000 watts of cooking power that can give you the rapid reheating and even cook. The combination of carousel turning table and the great electrical power can help you cook better by giving you food that is evenly cooked from the outside to the core.
  • Not only cooking, but you can also defrost your frozen meats and vegetable into a perfect thawing. The type that uses Convection cook option can also give you a better quality of baking and cook with the faster and more stable heat distributed inside.
  • Many of this mid-sized Sharp 1.1 cu.ft microwave is equipped with 5 or more auto cook programs, sensor cooking, one-touch cook program, child lock, and wipe-clean electronic touchpad with LED digital timer. This unit is easier to clean than the family-sized or the full-sized microwave. The smaller the size, the easier you should clean, right?
  • From the price, Sharp 1.1 cu. ft microwave is also better than its other big brothers. For you who have limited space in your kitchen, you can get this size of the microwave in 3 kinds of installation: countertop, over-the-counter, and over-the-range.  
  • There is also a built-in trim kit available in each unit package so you can place your countertop units fits into your cupboard nicely.

For the further and more detailed information about this kind of unit, you can visit here.


This is an excellent microwave....easy to use with many nice features

2 Greatness in 1: Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven


Sharp, as one of the mega brands in the home appliance market, once again is leading in microwave category. Known as the brand which releases many kinds of high-quality microwaves, Sharp comes again with its microwave oven combination. Now, you don’t need a separated microwave and oven anymore. All benefits from microwave and oven are available in one device: Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven.

All this time, technology has helped mothers in their kitchen around the world. They can cook, reheat, and defrost many kinds of food with a stable heat and instantly in the microwave. Oven also has the same role in mothers’ kitchen, in this case, is for baking, browning, and roasting.

They usually need these two appliances in their kitchen. But then, having two different appliances in one kitchen is troubling nowadays. Why should they buy oven and microwave separately if there is an appliance that has both functions?

Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven Features

Sharp Appliances.7 Cu Ft 700W Counter Microwave
Sharp Appliances.7 Cu Ft 700W Counter Microwave

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Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven is the combination of microwave and oven, just like the name. It is the combination of 1.5 cubic feet microwave and convection which gives the simplicity of both technologies into one convenient unit.

  • It is being released with the features of Compu Roast, Compu Bake, Auto Defrost, and the Carousel ceramic turntable system.
  • With the Auto Defrost, you can defrost your frozen meat into a perfect thawing. You can cook perfectly and evenly on the 15.4” Carousel ceramic turntable. The unit uses 900 watts’ electricity that gives you the rapid cooking and effective reheating.
  • Baking and roasting is not a problem now. With the convection cooking option, you can brown, bake, and roast perfectly. You can bake sweet cupcakes, roast delicious potatoes, reheat your beverages, and cook pasta in the same unit in your kitchen.
  • You can process popcorn and reheat your cold beverages easily with the convenient popcorn and beverage setting and “+60 seconds” key for an instant start. Reheating your frozen pizza is also an easy task with the combination of Carousel ceramic turntable system and the easy one-touch cooking mode.
  • It is also easy to clean and resist to any possible scratch caused by the cooking. This unit uses the scratch-resistant glass door, and the outer finish is also easy to clean and wipe. The interior uses the stainless-steel material that makes it more reliable and easy to clean.
  • Don’t worry about the installation options, because it also has the stainless steel optional trim kit so that you can fit it into various kinds of installation sets and styles.

So, are you still thinking about replacing both your microwave and oven with the advanced technology of microwave-oven combination, Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven? You had better replace it right now to cut your electric bills for sure.

Not only multifunction, but this 900 watts’ microwave oven will also serve you with delicious food and beverages without worrying about electrical bills.  For further and clearer information, details, and specification, please visit here.


SMEG 24 Classic Built-In Electric Wall Oven

Reviews on24 Oven Microwave Combo: Get the Best Product and Buy Now!

24 oven microwave combo features Microwave Drawer Oven of Sharp SMD2470AS and Sharp KB-6524PS.The two oven microwaves are the latest version of sharp products. One of them is regarded as the best seller so that you are urged to purchase them since they offer the best quality for your kitchen appliance collection. Those demanded products are indeed stylish and modern to make your kitchen cooler and more elegant. They will always satisfy the users and make everything so easy and practical.

Based on the customers’ review, the Microwave Drawer Oven of Sharp SMD2470AS has pleased the users. With 1000 Watts and 120 volts, the oven has an efficient heating system. Your meal preparation looks perfect with the product. You don’t need to wait for a long time. It really works so quickly so that you will get the best breakfast and dinner. Besides, your meal is in a right cooking process (neither overcooked nor undercooked). It’s equipped with digital LCD display and interior oven light.

tpodmw301 series oven microwave combo wall oven stainless steel at
tpodmw301 series oven microwave combo wall oven stainless steel at

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The helpful microwave oven has an average size which is about 1.2 cu. ft. It allows you to cook several dishes such as sausage, potato-based dishes, medium pizza, and other daily variations. It can fit in with your medium bowl, small pan, and cup. You can cook some casseroles and baked cupcakes which are your favorite. With front-mounted touch controls, you can easily operate the stylish stainless steel microwave oven with your fingertip. It always matches with all dishes you always crave.

The Microwave Drawer Oven of Sharp KB-6524PS offers fantastic features you need to take any notice. Speaking of the heating system, it has 1000 Watts capacity that enables you to cook a different meal in a quick way.  Preparing some delicious meals when your relatives are about to stay at your house seems easier. The newest sharp product will definitely assist your daily kitchen routine with all of its advantages. In another word, there is nothing to worry.

The microwave drawer oven can automatically open. You just need to pull or push it with your towel-bar handle or simply press the button. Other main features are the auto-touch control panel, the timer and kitchen clock, and the digital LCD display. The timer enables you to set the cooking time while the digital LCD display creates very recent and chic look, suitable for modern mother. It also has a cooking sensor, auto defrost for your frozen beef and poultry, and shortcut options.

All in all, the 24 oven microwave combo highlights two sharp products; the Microwave Drawer Oven of Sharp SMD2470AS and Sharp KB-6524PS., with their fabulous stainless steel design. You should apply those products in your eye-catching kitchen and take all advantages of the products. You can prepare all of your favorite dishes in several minutes. From now on, get the latest information about the most recent and best-seller products by visiting this page. Use one click then your life becomes perfect and nicer.


Microvisor® range hood for use with microwave ovens

Over the Range Microwave Oven Reviews: Grab You Chance to Get the Chic Product!

Over the range microwave oven highlights JVM3160RFSS Over-the-Range Microwave Oven. The latest product offers multi-purpose functionalities with several amazing features. It applies super-efficient heating system with 1.000-watt capacity so that you can save the electrical energy. As a wise buyer, the kitchenware is the right choice, and you can take a lot of benefits over the oven. It has been the customers’ top product so far. It’s time for your kitchen to shine.

The Stainless-Steel Finish JVM3160RFSS covers 1.6 cu. ft. mid-sized space. It allows you to prepare your daily meal in a quick way. You can insert your medium-sized bowl and mug into the helpful oven. Even, you can bake an average number of cupcakes. The morning meal and beverage preparation seem perfect since you don’t need to use other kitchen appliances that take a long cooking process. Your morning coffee and toast will be ready for your breakfast in minutes.

CuFt Over The Range Microwave
CuFt Over The Range Microwave

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The over the range microwave oven made in America is really easy to use and long lasting. Even, your 7-year-old kid is able to operate it when helping you at the kitchen.  With its durable feature, you can absolutely save your money since you don’t necessarily purchase some kitchen appliances next year. The oven is the right tool for your collection. In addition to that, it’s simple, elegant, and beneficial. Everything seems perfect for this one.

Another highlight you need to know is its auto Defrost and Power Levels. In an advance way, they can be programmed both automatically and manually. Your frozen poultry and beef are quickly defrosted without the help of your fingertip. The other incredible features are the turntable On/Off Controls, and the incredible venting system to remove odors, smoke, and steam, to make your oven stay clean and fresh.

A product like LMV2031ST Over-The-Range Microwave Oven produced by LG applies traditional, wide-view look. It has a stylish touch attracting people to purchase it. It totally helps you in preparing your breakfast or dinner meal in a super quick way. The efficient heating system with 1.000-watt capacity enables you to get another electricity saving. This product will never disappoint you.


The product has 2.0 cu. ft. space where you can bake a dish in a big portion. You can bake a pizza with various toppings of your favor, a bag of crunchy popcorn, and some delicious sausages. They can be prepared in one time in a day for Christmas celebration or birthday party. The oven is also suitable for cake preparation. The medium bakeware and tray match with it.


There is no excuse not to purchase the latest oven product like the GE Over the Range Microwave Oven JVM3160RFSS or LG LMV2031ST. They benefit the users with its versatile functionality, with the chic and useful feature. Make sure to keep checking this link to find out the latest product. With a simple click with your fingertip, your activity around the kitchen will be easier, and your life will change.


the bosch wall oven features a sideopening door for easier cavity access and a tft user interface

Reviews on Wall Ovens with Microwave: Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get the Latest One!

Wall oven with microwave features Frigidaire FGMC2765PF – Gallery 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Combination Wall Oven-Convection. The product is extremely beneficial when it comes to preparing your daily meals in a quick way. The heating system used is durable, efficient, and adapting the latest version. It will never disappoint the users since you are able to take a lot of advantages of the oven microwave regardless the season and the weather outside.

Microwave Combo Wall Oven
Microwave Combo Wall Oven

The Frigidaire product has an interesting fact. You can both remove and replace the microwave as you want. It’s really flexible no matter how big your kitchen is. Space no longer matters. The product dimensions are 27 x 30 x 45 inches. Meanwhile, the oven has big-sized space with its 3.8 cu. ft. capacity and the microwave’s space is 2.0 cu. ft. It is spacious enough to reheat and cook several big portion foods for the big family.

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Your Christmas and Thanks’ giving celebration with your big family will be absolutely perfect. You can bake chicken, turkey, beef and any meat you like for the event’s preparation. The other dishes such as pizza in wide size topped with some variations (bacon, cheese, and sausage), a bag of popcorn, roasted nuts, cupcakes, muffin and any baked delicacies must fit in with the incredible wall ovens with microwave.  Your specialties just require shorter time.  

The quick preheat feature allows you to reheat your leftovers and beverages. Don’t get worried if your morning coffee can’t be served during your busy morning routine. The multi-purpose oven and microwave is the right solution since it reheats the drink quickly. You will be amazed of its “keep warm setting”. It lets your tasty foods remain warm and nice. It also has a steam clean.

Another product feature you should add to your kitchenware collection is Frigidaire 27″ 3Piece. It has 3 individual pieces which are wall oven, microwave, and microwave trim kit. There are several useful easily select options. Just use your fingertip by touching the button. The Quick Clean enables your oven to clean itself automatically. The Oven rack handles ease you when pulling out the racks, and are modified with space.

The product looks so stylish due to its color-coordinated oven door equipped with its extra-large window. You can quickly check your food inside during the cooking process without opening its door. Meanwhile, the Delay Clean allows you to schedule you cleaning time. For the safety reason, the Auto Shut-Off has an important function to turn off automatically after 12 hours.  

The Effortless Defrost will let your frozen foods, and almost anything gets defrosted thoroughly and quickly. Other highlights are the Effortless Reheat to reheat your leftovers, the Multi-Stage Cooking option to program the levels of power, and the Electronic Timer is so helpful to track the cooking time and many others. Click this link to check out the latest wall ovens with microwave and other kitchenware products. With a simple click then everything will run perfectly.


Talking Microwave Oven

Reviews on Goldstar Microwave Oven:

Never Miss a Chance to Get the Best Product!

Goldstar microwave oven product features Goldstar MV1502W MV1502W Microwave Oven. It has a super-efficient heating system to make your food preparation faster. The cooking process takes only a few minutes. You don’t need to wait for any longer during the breakfast time. Your yummy toast gets ready to be munched on before going to work. Your life at the kitchen looks much easier right now without being worried about the undercooked and overcooked meal.

The Goldstar Microwave Oven is reliable, long-lasting, and very easy to use. It has one 9 touch functions which enable you to cook several certain dishes such as pizza with different toppings (chicken, beef, cheese, and pork), popcorn, and various potato-based dishes. In addition to the dishes, you can reheat either your coffee morning or afternoon tea. Other lovely beverages like hot chocolate, espresso, and latte are best served using the multi-purpose oven.

The microwave oven has an average-sized space with a capacity of 1,5 cu. ft. It’s spacious enough to insert your medium bowls, mugs, or bakeware molds and muffin trays.  You can prepare for small family-sized meals before dinner time in less than an hour. There is no other word to describe this helpful product except “excellent”. Instead of asking your maid, just use your fingertips and everything looks immaculate.  


Another f of the oven product is its 10 power levels enabling you to save the electrical supply. It also has an auto defrosting function where other products unfortunately still adapt the manual process. Your frozen turkey, beef, pork, and fish don’t need to get long defrosting process. And then, you can prepare your super-fast meat-based delicacies. The auto-defrost feature should be your reason to make a wise pick for the product.

The Goldstar MV1502W Microwave Oven has dimensions of (WHD) 29,94 X 16,44 X 15,63 inches with 12,7″ Turntables. The digital kitchen timer allows you ensure how long the cooking process is going to take. To keep away from the burned food, you better check out what type of foods you are going to make. Don’t get worried about that, the guide to cooking certain cuisine is also enclosed so that the burning matter is absolutely avoidable.

Having children under five years of age is somehow alarming. They tend to play around the kitchen with their mother. To prevent unpredictable things from happening, the useful microwave oven with the auto defrost function is also equipped with a child safety lock. It has a benefit in keeping your children from getting an accident. In another word, this incredible product is really safe for kids.  

Other highlights you need to notice are its cook top light, 3-mode venting system, vent fan control, and 2-speed exhaust fan. One more amazing thing about the Goldstar Microwave Oven is its warranty; one year for parts and labor, and 8 years for the product’s magnetron. Make a regular visit this link to update the latest product. Never miss a chance to get the best product. With a simple click then everything is good.

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Kenmore Countertop Microwave

Reviews on Kenmore Microwave Ovens:

Would You Purchase the Products or Just Wait?

The Kenmore 80353 has an appealing transitional look
The Kenmore 80353 has an appealing transitional look

Kenmore microwave ovens range from the updated model to the chic one for your lovely kitchen appliance collection. Today’s features mostly cover the latest three microwave ovens; the Kenmore 0.9 cu. ft., the Kenmore 1.2 cu. ft. Stainless Steel, and the Kenmore 79393 Elite 2.2. cu. ft. Counter Top Microwave Oven with Inverter. Those products give you many benefits dealing with kitchen routines.   

The microwave oven is a trustworthy, adjustable, and multipurpose oven. It has a multiple cooking pre-set which allows you to prepare some dishes such as popcorn, pizza, and baked potatoes. The modern touch can be seen through the sleek countertop design. The 900W energy needed to run the microwave can be used to reheat your leftover food and cook fast food. It has a large oven matching for bowls, mugs, or any types of casseroles.

With its 0.9 cu. ft. of mid-sized space, the helpful microwave fulfills all of your needs in cooking. Don’t get worried if you have no coffee maker or toaster since it will reheat your coffee and quickly serve the tastiest toast. Just set the LED clock and heat, and your meals both small and big are ready to be served just in a few minutes. It gives you the easiest access with all of its incredible functionalities.  


The Kenmore 1.2 cu. ft. is really beneficial when it comes to preparing both the quick meal and the long process specialty. It’s equipped with one-touched presets which let you heat some delicious dishes such as pizza and risotto, and beverages. Just use your fingertip to press the button, and everything will be ready in a few minutes. In addition to that, the microwave is perfect for either casserole or popcorn.

With its ample space covering 0.9 cu. ft. of interior baking space, the microwave is indeed suitable with family-sized dishes. It looks luxurious and stylish among other kitchen utensils due to its eye-catching stainless steel exterior. The other features such as its Sensitive Sensor Cooking and Sensor Reheating allow you to monitor particular levels of humidity when creating ready-to-eat foods.  

The Kenmore 79393 Counter Top Microwave has a significant capacity which is around 2.2. cu. ft. It will ease your meal preparation for family events at your home. The big-sized pizza, the cheesy chicken casserole in a large portion, and the full bag of popcorn can be made in a quick way due to its 1250 watts and 12 power levels. For the leftovers, you need just reheat them by pushing your fingertip on its button.

Living in today’s digital age requires you to get anything in an instant way, including food. Kenmore microwave oven is one of the main kitchen appliances you need to own. If you are about to find the most modern, stylish, and highly recommended microwave ovens, click this link here. Add the product of your choice to your shopping cart and make a payment. Then, everything looks perfect.