4 Tips to Choose the Best 24 Inch Wall Oven Microwave Combo

Adding Decorative Element in Modern Kitchen

After you consider your own needs, making a decision to choose a 24-inch wall oven microwave combo is easy. The difficulty is about picking one among a large number of quality 24-inch wall oven microwave combos available on the market.

Don’t worry! Now that difficulty can be overcome by applying these four buying tips. Check them out below!

24-Inch Wall Oven Microwave Combo Must Have These Essentials

Buy the Smeg 24-Inch Built-In Speed Oven with 1000-Watt Microwave
Buy the Smeg 24-Inch Built-In Speed Oven with 1000-Watt Microwave

If you’ve been sure to pick a 24-inch wall oven microwave combo among anything else, you must have weighted your needs. The next step is to consider only those combos with the following essentials:

  • Bottom heating element or double heating elements—the latter is faster to cook your foods.
  • A quality fan—to help the heat spread faster within the oven.
  • Grilling and baking tray—smokeless one.
  • An electronic control panel—the one can be locked is better.

Know What Features Attached to The Best Ones


Besides the required essentials mentioned above, there are additional features you should consider. A 24-inch wall oven microwave combo is regarded as one of the smallest standard sizes commonly available on the market. Their normal price is at $750-$1,250. Within the price range, a 24-inch wall oven microwave usually has these features:

  • Auto defrost—a mode to defrost foods without cooking in your microwave. It’s a great way to reduce energy usage.
  • Self-cleaning cycle—any spilled food and spatter will be turned into ashes when the wall oven microwave combo does a self-cleaning. You can quickly remove the ashes from the bottom of the oven using a napkin.
  • Auto shutoff—you don’t need to worry about wasting energy if your appliance can shut off automatically. The wall oven microwave combo can turn off after 12 hours without use.
  • Smart sensor—the microwave will precisely check the temperature of the surface of your foods to ensure they’re perfectly cooked.
  • Delay bake option—you can set the time when the oven should start cooking. Never worry about forgetting to bake your foods! You can put the foods anytime you remember and get your meals cooked at the time you want. Interesting!

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Consider the Style and Color


Most of the recent oven, microwave, and combination have timeless style. They are sleek and modern-looking but not too off-putting when placed in the more traditional kitchen. You, therefore, won’t have a hard time to make a decision about the style.

As for the color, the most commonly available is silver, black, and white. They are considered neutral colors which look good with other colors in your kitchen. Choose one which fits your kitchen the best!

Look for a Bargain

Adding Decorative Element in Modern Kitchen
Adding Decorative Element in Modern Kitchen

The best way to buy a new appliance is by using a bargain. If you don’t need the wall oven-microwave immediately, wait until discount times such as New Year week, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas week. Don’t limit yourself to get the appliance in store but consider buying it online too.

With the buying tips above, shopping your dreamed wall oven microwave combo is no longer a hassle. Buy a 24-inch wall oven microwave combo quickly and easily here now!


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