Cooking on Your Boat with WaveBox 12v Microwave Oven

Traveling has become a trend today. Many people go hiking, fishing, or just simply going to several tourism places to please their mind and soul. Their tiring daily routine makes them feel the need to take a day off and go somewhere else far away from their works. Some of them even having a small boat and sailing to make their holiday better.

People usually go sailing for 2 or 3 days straight and during that time they need to cook or make their food on the boat. For a bigger boat, it is still possible to have and install a small kitchen just like at home. But for a smaller boat, even a microwave will never be compatible with the electricity power provided there. The sail then will end with a canned food or grilled food.

However, it is possible to have a microwave on a small boat because there is a 12volt microwave oven nowadays. One that is so well known is from Power Hunt WaveBox 12v Microwave Oven. It is the first portable DC 12volt microwave oven in the market for travelers.

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Power Hunt WaveBox 12v Microwave Oven Features


You just need to plug the unit into the provided PNP Power system, and you are ready to have your delicious food cooked and reheated. It only requires 660 watts of power, and the portable 12volt microwave oven from Power Hunt can cook and reheat evenly even without the turntable technology inside.

The exterior is made from a strong built ABS casing so you can bring it to any possible kinds of environment and still can get your food deliciously ready and served. To operate this unit, you need to plug it into the PNP-120-8 power port, and it is sold separated with the microwave oven unit.

The power port then will be connected to the 12volt battery. It will be better if the battery used for the unit is different from the one that is used and connected to the boat engine to prevent any malfunction in your boat. This unit is so easy to carry around by gripping into its easy-grip heavy duty handle that is made to withstand any kinds of trip you might have.

Just like another microwave oven in your kitchen, WaveBox is also equipped with a luminous digital display to make you easier in reading the information of the cooking status. Microwave scanning technology is also provided in the unit to prevent your cooking from getting overcooked. This unit is not only can be operated as a portable device but also can be operated as a permanent mount device.

In many online stores, you need to preorder the unit first before purchasing it. The limited stock in the market becomes the main reason behind the pre-sale selling method. You can visit the official website of the WaveBox 12volts microwave oven for more detailed specifications. To buy it and look at several reviews about it, you can click here.

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Panasonic inverter microwave reviews

General Panasonic Inverter Microwave Reviews You Need to Know

Inverter microwave’s popularity is on the rise today, and Panasonic joined the game by releasing several inverter microwave ovens. Panasonic inverter microwave reviews have been available widely online since Panasonic is such as famous brand. Some people associate it with reliability and assurance, while others found something that needed to be improved, depending on how they used the microwave.

Consumer Reports has compiled various reviews from the general public about this particular product group. Here are some of the most common reviews about Panasonic inverter microwave ovens.

Sleek and Modern Design


Panasonic is famous for creating modern and sophisticated household appliances. While the inverter microwave oven lines have not changed a lot since the mid-2000s, the sleek and straightforward design is still visible. This makes the microwave oven goes well together with almost any kitchen designs. User-friendly interface also helps users to create cooking commands more easily.

Easy Installation and Cleaning


Panasonic microwave is easy to install, so it is recommended for people who never use inverter microwave oven before. The microwave fits with almost all modern kitchen set ups. Cleaning is also easy and straightforward; as long as you follow the directions in the guide, the microwave oven is ready to be used in no time.



Great for Defrosting, Reheating, and Cook Quick Meals


The inverter technology in Panasonic microwave gives consistent and thorough heat, compared to older and more conventional ovens. However, from various functions offered by the features, Panasonic inverter series are excellent for quick defrost, reheat foods thoroughly, and make quick recipes. These make the microwave oven great for workers, small families, and students. You can also cook vegetables and meat with more reliable results.

Powerful, Thorough, and Even Heat Distribution


Powerful and thorough heat is important in cooking foods with a microwave oven. Panasonic inverter series have this feature, which allows you to cook anything from popcorn to boned meat with good results. Inverter technology also allows even heat distribution, covering all the surface of your food. This reduces the risk of overcooking or undercooking.

Things to Consider


Depending on how you use this product, you may find some small problems. Some reviewers discovered that the microwave oven was a bit noisy when operating. If you are a type of person who gets irritated easily by noises from household appliances, this is probably not good news. The tray can also be a little wobbly sometimes, although this may root from a few faults.

Finally, while this microwave oven is reliable and quite affordable, it can experience decreased performance after several years, especially if you use it every day. Therefore, Panasonic inverter may be the best appliance for those who occasionally need to use a microwave oven or people who only need it for certain periods of time, such as students and professionals with a mobile lifestyle.

Should you buy this inverter microwave oven? If you love the affordable price, easy interface, and reliability, and think that you may need to replace the microwave anyway, this is a good product. Panasonic inverter microwave reviews proved that this is quite a good product within its price range. Visit this link to get Panasonic inverter microwave series right now!

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GE microwave oven combo

Common Troubleshooting for GE Microwave Oven Combo at Home

There are various affordable microwave ovens out there, but GE microwave oven combo is especially famous for a good price and reliable performance. If you want microwave oven that has all the basic needs, you require for regular daily cooking, GE product range is a great choice. However, to keep this affordable microwave oven combo running well for many years, you need to pay attention to its functions.

Professional repair services are familiar with cheap microwave ovens such as GE, but you can use simple troubleshooting to fix common problems. Here are some common troubleshooting tips you can apply on your GE microwave oven.

Buttons or Touchpad are Irresponsive


Pressing the buttons or touchpad but getting no reaction? There are several possible reasons and solutions for this. It is possibly caused by a glitch or long wait (letting the door open for too long). Try unplugging the oven before trying again. If this happens because you open the door too long, you can try closing the door, wait for a few minutes, and try again.

The Display is Turned off or Displaying Random Codes


If the display is off or not working properly, there are several possible reasons. It can be because of a sudden power surge, lightning, or electrical glitch. You can try unplugging the microwave and start it again. Or, you can restart the “cooking cycle” by pouring a cup of water into a microwave-safe glass, put a spoon from saving ingredient inside the cup, and restart the microwave with this glass inside. You can also check if the connections between the power supply, display panel, and solder joints are bad.



Small Critters Enter the Circuit Board


Critters such as spiders, cockroaches, and other bugs can slip into difficult spots, such as circuit board. This is because your microwave oven is a warm and comfortable place for them. If this happens, turn off and unplug the microwave oven. Dilute some cleaning alcohol in water, and clean the surface gently. Dry the circuit board and check for any possible cracks or damages.

Generator-based Problems


When your microwave oven generator acts out, it can cause various problems, including blown a fuse, low/erratic power surge despite the heat, no heat when the oven is on, loud humming noise when you use the oven, and repeated shutting off even though you do not press the OFF button. Generator-related problems are usually very easy to diagnose; if you call a maintenance specialist, the diagnosis is usually quick, and you can solve the problem by buying new parts necessary to fix it.

Turntable Refuses to Move

When a microwave oven turntable refuses to move, it can be because of wrong installation, dry bearing, damaged motor, broken belt, problematic thermostat, and bad connections. Try fixing it by checking if the turntable is properly installed, or the bearing is lubricated. If the problem is the belt, check it by stretching the belt to see if it returns quickly. Otherwise, restart the microwave to jumpstart the thermostat, or check if there is a bad connection in wiring (unplug the microwave first!).

Since these problems are very common, you must choose cheap microwave oven that does not experience them often. GE microwave oven combo has affordable product series that will not give you too many problems. Visit this link to buy your own set of GE microwave oven.

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Panasonic NN-SD987S

Why Panasonic NN-SD987S is the Best for Great Cooking Result

When cooking with microwave oven, you want thorough and even heat action for the best result. Panasonic NN-SD987S is what you need for perfectly cooked meals, whether they are big or small. Inverter technology and sensor system help you getting the best cooking result even if the foods are large or have odd, uneven shape. Here are reasons why this microwave oven is a reliable option for daily cooking and heating.

Consistent, Thorough Heat Action

Old-fashioned microwave ovens often deliver uneven heat action, which results in undercooked spots in your food. This problem often occurs if you cook large and oddly-shaped foods such as lasagna, casserole, rice dishes, and such. This Panasonic microwave oven has inverter technology that delivers more consistent heat throughout the foods, resulting in better cooking.

Large Capacity for Heavy Cooking

If you cook almost every day or often entertain guests with heavy meals, this microwave oven is your friend. This microwave oven has 23.9 inches of dimension, which is enough to accommodate large portions of foods. Whether it is Sunday roast, chicken dinner, casserole, or birthday cake, you will find it easier to cook with a full-size oven like this Panasonic Inverter microwave oven.

Sleek Design with Less Fingerprint Stain

There are two great things about this particular Panasonic microwave oven: it is sleek, and it does not leave as much fingerprint stain as other ovens. The elegant, modern design makes this microwave oven go well together with any kitchen design. Stainless steel surface makes the oven look smooth. However, the surface also has fingerprint resistant coat, which prevents smudges and stain from making your oven look dirty.


Automatic Defrosting

If you often defrost various foods such as meat, vegetables, TV dinner or other diverse ingredients, there are different defrost times you must choose for a perfect result. Automatic defrost function in this oven will help you getting a perfect defrosting result based on the type of foods, adjusting the power, heat and time level to meet the exact defrosting need. However, if you want to do it manually, you can also set the time and power yourself.

Extra 1 Minute for Cooking

Sometimes, when you cook something, and the result is not close to what you want, additional cooking time is necessary. Instead of manually putting the time yourself, why don’t use the 1-Minute Cooking button? This feature is small but practical for those who often miscalculate cooking time and want an easy way to add more time without risking burn or overcooking.

Locking Feature for the Control Panel

Having your microwave oven being activated without anyone turning it on is a nightmare, but this Panasonic inverter microwave oven has a good feature to prevent it. The control panel has Control Lockout technology that locks the panel, preventing any risk of accidental activation even when the oven is plugged.

Reliable performance, safety features, and easy use are the reasons why Panasonic microwave oven is loved. If you want such microwave oven with good price, you should buy Panasonic NN-SD987S for your kitchen. Visit this link and find out why this microwave oven is the best option!

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Perfect Cooking Results with Panasonic NN-H965BF Inverter Microwave Oven

The always-reliable Panasonic presents NN-H965BF, an elegant microwave oven with inverter technology and various cooking features. You can do more than just reheating, defrosting, and cook with fixed features. This microwave oven gives you more freedom in adjustment without making everything difficult. Here are reasons why this Panasonic microwave oven is a great option for you.

Inverter Technology for Perfect Result

Another successful product from Panasonic’s inverter technology range, this microwave oven can deliver consistent heat to prevent undercooking or raw spots. This is especially useful if you cook large or oddly-shaped foods, such as whole chicken, lasagna, pie, meatloaf, and much more. Old models often leave burnt edges and raw spots in such foods, but not with this inverter microwave oven.

User-friendly Interface

Some people can feel intimidated when they have to operate high-tech, new microwave oven, especially with complicated control panel and display. Panasonic shows its reliable and user-friendly quality by applying easy interface. With 6 displays and 5-button system in its keypad (above the numbers), the control is simpler and more convenient even if you use this microwave oven for the first time. You also have a lower risk of making mistakes with this easy interface.

Sleek Design, Large Capacity

This Panasonic microwave oven has a sleek exterior design but spacious interior. You can put this at a lot of space you want in the kitchen, but you still have extra space inside the microwave oven to cook large portion, including a whole chicken, ham, casserole, or lasagna. The total weight of this microwave is just around 36 pounds, which makes it easy to be lifted and put in different spot.


Automatic Sensor for Easy Defrosting

Defrosting different types of foods requires different defrosting time. If you feel that memorizing defrosting time for each food is troublesome, this microwave oven is your solution. The sensor technology will automatically pick the right defrosting time and temperature for every different food you put inside. While there is also a manual mode for defrosting, this sensor will save your time, especially when you need to cook a lot of foods at once.

Warming Function

There are times when you need to keep your food warm after cooking, but you do not want to let it be overcooked inside the oven. The warming function of this microwave oven will deliver low heat that keeps your food but without making it burnt or overcooked. This is a great feature if you cook food that needs to be warm for a while even though you are not going to immediately serve it, such as warm dessert, stew, and anything with gravy.

Timer and Child Lock

Timer and child lock are available to ease your worries. The digital clock and timer alarm help a lot in the cooking process, especially if you multitask in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the child lock feature prevents small children from easily opening the microwave.

Panasonic NN-H965BF is a great option for those who want practical microwave oven that has smart features and easy interface and is convenient to use. Visit this link to order one right now and have a great cooking experience.


Panasonic NN-H765BF

The Genius and Low Power Panasonic NN-H765BF for Your Smart Living Home

Nowadays, microwave becomes one of the major appliances that must be owned in the kitchen. With the ability to save time in cooking, no wonder everyone has this thing. Not to mention the technology that makes this cooking device more and more sophisticated over time. One of them is Panasonic NN-H765BF, the small but genius and low power microwave that will make your life easier.

So, what kind of ingenuity that this microwave has for you?

Small Size Outside but Big Inside

The first you have to know is the size. This Panasonic NN-H765BF Microwave Oven comes with family size 1,6 cubic foot, a smaller size of the family microwave that will fit with any kitchen style. Although it has the small size on the outside, it has 15-inch turntable inside that can cook and heat all kind of foods, from your breakfast, snacks to the dinner meals and appetizer perfectly.

Lower Consume of Electricity

Generally, microwaves consume more than a half from your electric power and will make your monthly electricity bill swell. That is why a house that only has small electric power don’t have it in the kitchen. And so does with the family with a monthly salary that barely adequate. But now, you do not have to worry anymore, because this microwave oven from Panasonic is 1250-watt electricity using only. The electricity bill will not spend your monthly salary so fast.


The Inverter Technology that Not Only for “Heating”

Most people that own a microwave will only use it to warm something because most of the conventional microwave only have one high-temperature setting. But, the inverter technology owned by Panasonic makes the power of the microwave more variable and balance. So, your foods will be perfectly cooked down to the deepest part without overcooking on its side and surface. Not to mention the time that you spend to cook with this microwave. Now you don’t have to wait and can do the other things while the microwave cooks for you.

More Additional Features

In Panasonic NN-H765BF Microwave oven, you can also find other features that will help cook your meal better. Start from “keep warm” feature that will keep your food from being overcooked when you put it that inside too long. A “genius one touch-sensor” feature will leave your guessing out because it will automatically set the level power of cooking. The “Inverter Turbo Defrost” technology will melt your frozen foods faster with its turbo power. And the “child-safety lock” feature will automatically lock your microwave from operating when the door is still open.

Not to mention the other features like “five cooking stages”, “multi-lingual menu action screen”, “popcorn button”, “function key”, and also “delay start”.

Now, no need to think twice when it comes to choosing microwave for your house. Purchase here and have a great cooking experience with Panasonic NN-H765BF Microwave oven, the small but genius and low power microwave oven for your smart kitchen. Smart living, and smart future!

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smallest microwave oven

5 Smallest Microwave Ovens for Minimalist Kitchen

Many people think that microwave is one of the kitchen’s properties that only fit for a big kitchen, or it’s only suitable for an individual or family with a big income every month. The dimension of the microwave which is usually large makes them think that it will only make your kitchen look full and cramped. But it’s not like that anymore, nowadays because there are some smallest microwave ovens that will also fit with your small and minimalist kitchen.

Looking for a small microwave oven for your small kitchen? Read along and find out the best microwave oven that has the smallest dimension.

  1. Westinghouse WCM660B 600W Counter Top Rotary Microwave Oven

With only 0.6 cubic feet for the size, Westinghouse becomes the most favorite of the smallest microwave oven. The widely-purchased product also has a slight design, and sure it must be fit to a small kitchen or in apartments.

This microwave has 6 power levels that are easy to operate, and only needs 600 watts of the electricity. For your personal daily meals, there is no other best choice than this. You don’t have to worry about overcooking because this microwave also has a “ding” signal when your food is ready.

  1. Westinghouse WCM770B 700W Counter Top Microwave Oven

With 0.7 cubic feet dimension, this microwave is still suitable for a small kitchen in your house or apartment. But you will get more than enough. This type has 10 cooking power levels and 6 quick tools for preparing popcorn, pizza, and even frozen meals. It consumes 700 watts of your electricity, but you can be a great chef with speed defrost option. It also comes with an LED display that includes digital clock and children lock function.

  1. HotLogic Mini Portable Personal Oven

HotLogic microwave, another option of smallest microwave oven, applies the portable concept with a tote bag that has two primary functions. It can be a microwave carrier and a place for cooking or heating foods. You will not find any buttons, bells, or programs to operate this microwave, thus sparing you from the hassle of figuring out which button to push. All you need to do is plug the device to the electricity power and wait. Plus, with the compact size, you can bring it everywhere!

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  1. College Dorm Size Compact Microwave Oven with Digital Controls

This microwave is one of the Oster’s products that has 10″ tall and about 17″ wide. Not much different from the other small microwaves, it has 6 cooking functions, 10 variable power levels, and consumes 700 watts of electricity. With the Digital Controls in it, you can cook or reheat your meals simpler and easier.

  1. Panasonic NN-SD372S Stainless 950W Countertop Microwave with Inverter Technology

The last type comes from Panasonic. This small but genius microwave oven is designed with Inverter Technology to deliver good flavor and Inverter Turbo Defrost to make the defrost processing quicker. This 950-watt microwave also has a one-touch auto cook and reheat that will automatically prepare your meals without waiting.

So, have you choose your favorite smallest microwave oven? Find out more types and styles here!

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best wall microwave oven combo

Things You Should Know Before Buy Best Wall Microwave Oven Combo

For many people, having a microwave in the kitchen is necessary, or even a must, especially for people who have a very high workload. But nowadays, you can find this thing in almost every home. Whether it comes with a smaller size or the bigger one. Because it makes cooking work simpler and easier, more people now buy the best wall microwave oven combo for their kitchen.

But there are things you should know first before deciding to buy and build the microwave oven in your kitchen. Here they are:

  1. The Power You Use

The first thing to consider is whether you will use gas or electricity for the power. Usually, wall microwave oven comes with an electricity power, but you can also find it in a gas model. People prefer the electricity-powered one because it can be cleaned easily. Also, nowadays microwave style are much on electricity power than the gas one. So, there are even more choices for you to buy.

  1. Type of Wall Microwave Oven

Next, make sure you choose the best wall microwave oven combo for your kitchen. Try to find the type of microwave oven that suits the size of your kitchen because you will build it in your kitchen’s wall. And, don’t forget for your budget. Better search the wall oven microwave that includes the self-cleaning features. And make sure you can easily control both for microwave and oven in the setting with the optimal budget.

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  1. You Must Not Forget about the Size

Then, the size. You might think that the wall oven microwave will make your kitchen looks wider and larger than the general size of the microwave does because you will place it on the wall. But, the size does matter. So, you will pay more attention to the size details, whether outside or inside, or even both. The wider size outside doesn’t mean the same inside and vice versa. Make sure that your microwave oven will fit the kitchen’s wall and also has enough space for your cooking requirement.

  1. Types of Heating

Generally, there are three types of heating in a microwave oven: conventional, fan, and multi-function. A conventional oven is also called standard oven with two heating elements. Fan ovens use a fan which helps to spread the heat equally, and the multi-function one has a complex heating power and is usually equipped with a defrost setting. So, choose carefully.

  1. Their Features and Functions

The last is what features and functions that the microwave has. To help you find the right one, the microwave should have features and functions such as control lockout, self-cleaning, quick cooking buttons, children safety-lock, and alarm to inform you when your food is ready. Then, you can consider the adding features like delayed-start or other control that can be managed over Wi-Fi and defrost technology to melt your frozen food without waiting.

Looking for the best wall microwave oven combo for your kitchen? Click here to find more!

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smallest microwave oven

The Benefits of Having a Small Over Range Microwave

Today, finding your ideal type of microwave is no longer a hard thing to do.  You can easily find it at the electronic store around you, or even online. One of the most desirable types of microwave is a small over range microwave because this kind of model can give more space in your kitchen. But sure, don’t just buy because of the size, but also considering your kitchen needs to add the comfort inside.

Some people said that having this type of microwave is way better than a bigger one. So, want to know more why you should buy this kind of microwave? Let’s find out here!

  1. Saving More Space
Saving More Space
Saving More Space

For all of you who want to buy a microwave but you only have a small kitchen, this type of microwave would be the best choice. A small over the range microwave has the biggest benefit in saving space, so you would not be worried anymore about your small kitchen. You can put it anywhere you like, on the corner or side of your kitchen.

  1. Multi-Functions
Multi Functions
Multi Functions

The second benefit having a small over range microwave in your kitchen is this microwave can function as an air filter to take every odor, smoke, and also steam out from your kitchen. So, the air in the kitchen will remain clean and fresh. And then, you don’t need to install any air filter. Just having the microwave is enough!

  1. Same Abilities with the Bigger Microwave
Same Abilities with the Bigger Microwave
Same Abilities with the Bigger Microwave

Despite small, it is not less practical as the big one, or the latest microwave oven to come out. A small over range microwave has the same abilities and as smart as the most recent one. Having this, you can have a bigger space in your kitchen, no need to install any air filter, save cost, and still have a genius microwave oven in your kitchen!


  1. Simple Operation
  2. Simple Operation
    Simple Operation

A bulky microwave will cost you more attention when operating it for the first time. It also takes time to familiarize yourself with it. But something like this won’t happen with this type of microwave because it has the easy-to-one-touch button that makes your work simpler, thus you will not need to waste more time to deal with it.

Indeed, the microwave is a smart appliance that makes your cooking experience better. But, you still have to pay more attention to use this in case you have any children at your house. Always keep them safe. Make sure they only use any electronic devices under your supervision, so that you can prevent any undesirable events.

So, are you interested in trying to have a small over range microwave? Or have you finally decided to buy a new one to complete appliances in your kitchen? You can find and take a look at all the types of this microwave with the best rate here. And finally, gain more cooking experience with the simple-to-operate microwave in your house. Happy cooking!

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wall oven microwave combo reviews

Wall Oven Microwave Combo Reviews: Why the Combos Are Better than A Separate Oven and Microwave

People can choose to buy a separate oven and microwave if they have a spacious kitchen and a comfortable budget to spend. However, not everyone has both. If you don’t, either, there is no need to worry. Many wall oven microwave combo reviews will convince you that you can afford both oven and microwave by buying a wall oven microwave combo. Why?

Check these four reasons below which answer that question!

Save the Space in Your Kitchen

Wall oven microwave combo consists of an oven and a microwave in one appliance. Using such combo will save the space in your kitchen. The combos nowadays are sleek in design, so they easily match the modern kitchens mostly found in city homes. With the combos attached to your kitchen wall, you don’t need to allocate any space for a bulky oven and microwave in the kitchen.

In term of cooking, a combo cooks particularly fast in its microwave. The appliance is a perfect choice to make quick breakfast and warm a tinned meal for your lunch. As for preparing through baking and roasting, the oven part of the combo works very well.

Wall Oven Microwave Combo Reviews: “The Combo Costs You Less.”

With two functions in one appliance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that wall oven microwave combo is very expensive. In fact, buying a combo can be cheaper than purchasing a separate oven (or double ovens) and a microwave with the same quality as the combo.

With many affordable microwaves and ovens available out there, you’re likely skeptical about the combo costs less. However, many wall oven microwave combo reviews prove it’s true that the combos are sometimes cheaper than a separate oven and microwave in the same quality level.

Moreover, installation and maintenance of a single appliance are generally cheaper than those of two.

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These additional features deserve your money

What’s more interesting about wall oven microwave combos is that they also offer other features which deserve your money, those are:

  • Panel lock—helps you to control who can operate the combos’ control panel. This feature is useful for a family with children.
  • A self-cleaning cycle—makes cleaning faster and easier.
  • Electronic control—enables control to accurate cooking temperature.

Aside from those features, the combo’ doors should be removable to make it easier for you to clean it. Either way, the cleaning becomes too much of a task.

The Combo Is Available in Different Sizes

The only major setback in buying wall oven microwave combo is that you’ll find it difficult to bake, roast, and heat multiple items at times, the one you can easily do with double ovens and a microwave.

However, if you aren’t professional who must multitask, the bigger wall oven microwave combo is enough for you. If you need bigger capacity, you should consider buying a 30-inch wall combo instead of a 24-inch one.

That’s the reason the combos are a better choice than a separate oven and microwave. Read more about wall oven microwave combo reviews to know what others love about the combos. Don’t wait to get yours here!

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