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2 Greatness in 1: Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven


Sharp, as one of the mega brands in the home appliance market, once again is leading in microwave category. Known as the brand which releases many kinds of high-quality microwaves, Sharp comes again with its microwave oven combination. Now, you don’t need a separated microwave and oven anymore. All benefits from microwave and oven are available in one device: Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven.

All this time, technology has helped mothers in their kitchen around the world. They can cook, reheat, and defrost many kinds of food with a stable heat and instantly in the microwave. Oven also has the same role in mothers’ kitchen, in this case, is for baking, browning, and roasting.

They usually need these two appliances in their kitchen. But then, having two different appliances in one kitchen is troubling nowadays. Why should they buy oven and microwave separately if there is an appliance that has both functions?

Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven Features

Sharp Appliances.7 Cu Ft 700W Counter Microwave

Sharp Appliances.7 Cu Ft 700W Counter Microwave

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Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven is the combination of microwave and oven, just like the name. It is the combination of 1.5 cubic feet microwave and convection which gives the simplicity of both technologies into one convenient unit.

  • It is being released with the features of Compu Roast, Compu Bake, Auto Defrost, and the Carousel ceramic turntable system.
  • With the Auto Defrost, you can defrost your frozen meat into a perfect thawing. You can cook perfectly and evenly on the 15.4” Carousel ceramic turntable. The unit uses 900 watts’ electricity that gives you the rapid cooking and effective reheating.
  • Baking and roasting is not a problem now. With the convection cooking option, you can brown, bake, and roast perfectly. You can bake sweet cupcakes, roast delicious potatoes, reheat your beverages, and cook pasta in the same unit in your kitchen.
  • You can process popcorn and reheat your cold beverages easily with the convenient popcorn and beverage setting and “+60 seconds” key for an instant start. Reheating your frozen pizza is also an easy task with the combination of Carousel ceramic turntable system and the easy one-touch cooking mode.
  • It is also easy to clean and resist to any possible scratch caused by the cooking. This unit uses the scratch-resistant glass door, and the outer finish is also easy to clean and wipe. The interior uses the stainless-steel material that makes it more reliable and easy to clean.
  • Don’t worry about the installation options, because it also has the stainless steel optional trim kit so that you can fit it into various kinds of installation sets and styles.

So, are you still thinking about replacing both your microwave and oven with the advanced technology of microwave-oven combination, Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven? You had better replace it right now to cut your electric bills for sure.

Not only multifunction, but this 900 watts’ microwave oven will also serve you with delicious food and beverages without worrying about electrical bills.  For further and clearer information, details, and specification, please visit here.


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